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About us

We believe in visual culture.
When someone makes something with quality and meaning, it inspires others to start something greater, because all amazing ideas are built from good inspiration.

We do this for the people who hold bold ideas, those who are one step ahead and understand there is no finish line. We do this for those who endure defeat to achieve a 
lasting victory.

Our message is in details, 
quality, and graphics. We use clothing as a canvas to create a wearable visual culture for those who think bold & make it heavy. 

Bold & Heavy is an independent brand based in Brooklyn, NY, founded and designed by the Venezuelan graphic designer, Luis Palencia. Bold & Heavy strives to create quality goods Made in 
U.S.A, produced in limited quantities. B&H draws inspiration from the city, architecture, design, typography, art & photography.

The brand was conceived in 2005 when Luis got obsessed with the Visual Culture concept and finally established in 2014. Since 2005, Luis has been doing several independent projects like graphic design exhibits, fanzines, music, blogs and more - everything has been conceived as a way to spread culture and 
raise the bar on visual inspiration for everyone.


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