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Why Cards for Creatives:

These are the pieces of advice I wish I had gotten back when I was a graphic design student in 2003. I believe the creative work starts within ourselves rather than first focusing on mastering the technical aspects. You can't create what you don't see as possible. From finding your style to charging more for your work, I'm sharing all the answers I've found after 15+ years of navigating the creative industry.

With Cards for Creatives, you get 26 unique cards with valuable information on each, so you can have a quick pep talk on your hands. These cards are a collection of advice, tips, and inspiration from books I've read, podcasts I've listened to, and mistakes I've made. It is now my mission to help you choose the right path to build your career and grow your business.

If you are about to start your career in the creative industry or already have a few years in, this is for you. Cards for Creatives aims to help you reframe your mindset, build your career, and grow your business.


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Made with Purpose

Printed in the USA and designed with love in New York.