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Cards for Creatives:

Your growth is one click away.Explore

A new mindset to build your career and grow your business.

Step back, you got this.Why Cards for Creatives:

Is this a board game? Is this a book?

No, this is a stationery piece that you can display on your desk. You get 26 unique cards with valuable advice on each, so you can always have a quick pep talk on your hands.

These cards can help you get back on track and remind yourself that you’ve got this.

How I got here.


Hi! I'm Luis Palencia, a Venezuelan Art Director and Designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Here's my story from the first vector file until today. Sneak peek: I believe in practical optimism; I'm a wine lover and a mid-century design enthusiast. I also share my life with two dogs (:

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Introducing Cards for Creatives

Hope this inspires you to create something greater.


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Made with Purpose

Printed in the USA and designed with love in New York.